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Third Age Coaching is an opportunity to create a life with purpose, meaning and happiness.  

It helps you to plan for longevity, make the successful transition into working less or retirement and to plan for a new lifestyle. 

It asks the right questions and provides you with a self-made guide to making healthy decisions and choices! 

Through a thought-provoking process, coaching helps you stay physically and mentally healthy, empowered and active, as you prepare for a new stage in life 

Third Age Coaching avoids the traps of extreme thinking that older age is either something to dread, or a panacea of one big long holiday. 

Ultimately, it helps you to prepare for the mental, physical, social and spiritual aspects of what life after full-time work could look like. It questions the connection you might have between money and happiness; resolves your concerns; relieves the stresses of retirement or working less; and provides you with clarity, confidence and control. 

Third Age Coaching doesn’t involve financial planning. But it can happily and effectively sit alongside working with a trusted expert in that field.  

It can really help you to have the answers to a financial planner’s questions about what kind of retirement you want to be able to afford, for example.