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Financial Wellness Program

Employee Financial Wellness Program

Our employee financial wellbeing programmes are here to support your employees with everything financial. Our three packages have been designed to help support and educate your employees on the financial topics they request. Regular feedback and a financial wellbeing score will be provided to measure the effectiveness of each programme. 

Qualified Financial Planners

All of our Financial Advisers are fully qualified Advisers and active members of the Chartered Institute of Insurance (CII). The Financial Adviser is employed by a firm of Chartered Financial Planners and will have the relevant resources and support to provide your employees with financial wellbeing advice.

Online program

Planned Future are able to support you employees with a range of online financial wellbeing programmes. The online programmes come with a range of webinars, financial guides, calculators and more.

Onsite Program

Onsite financial wellbeing programmes allow our speakers to attend your place of work. Financial clinics, seminars and workshops can be held along with additional online resources in between events.