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Financial Wellbeing At Work

Helping organisations to support their employees with Financial Wellbeing at Work

Online or Onsite

Financial Wellbeing Workshops & Webinars

At Planned Future, we have a range of ready made financial wellbeing workshops to be held at your place of work. We also offer tailored workshops which allows your employees to pick the topics they would like to be covered. This data is then used to produce your bespoke financial wellbeing workshop.

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Financial Wellbeing Programmes

To have the greatest effect in supporting your employees with workplace financial wellbeing, consider implementing a programme. Our Financial Wellbeing programmes come in various lengths and formats to meet all budgets.


Employees will gain access to our online Financial Wellbeing Platform


Staff can sign up to view a range of interactive webinars or workshops


All of our events and online resources are supported by Qualfied Financial Advisers

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You will recieve monthly updates including new guides, newsletters and reports

One-to-One Financial Guidance

Financial Wellbeing Clinics

Our Financial Wellbeing Clinics allow your employees to speak with qualified Financial Planners on a one-to-one basis. Slots are offered between 15 minutes to an hour long and are allocated using our online booking platform. These meetings can take place at your place of work or through an online video call.

Online Financial Wellbeing

Financial Wellbeing Portal

Our Financial Wellbeing Platform allows your employees to access a range of financial resources 24/7, including guides, videos, calculators and the option to ask a question to a qualified Financial Adviser.

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Our Financial Wellbeing Events

Below are some of the events we can present either as a webinar

or as an on-site workshop at your organisation

Financial Wellbeing Workshops

Pre-Retirement Seminars

Mid-Career Financial Planning

Lifetime & Annual Allowance

Understanding Your Pension

Financial Wellbeing Clinics

Bespoke  Wellbeing Workshop

Alternative Tax-Efficient Investments

Some of our Financial Wellbeing Clients

We work with a wide range of organisations throughout the UK providing support to their employees with their workplace financial education.

Planned Future

Financial Wellbeing Days

A financial wellbeing day allows for a range of workshops and clinics to be covered in a single day. Employees will benefit from workshops covering a range of financial topics, the opportunity to speak with the presenter on a one to one basis and follow up material.

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Planned Future Blog

Keep up to date with with Financial Wellbeing news and updates

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Financial Illiteracy

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