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Financial and Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace

85% of employees want their employers to offer mental health and wellbeing support, yet just over half do.

Planned Future help organisations to support their employees with Financial and Mental Wellbeing solutions that work.

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Online webinars or on-site seminars

Mental & Financial Wellbeing Workshops & Webinars

At Planned Future we have a range of ready-made financial and mental wellbeing workshops for your business and employees – no matter the stage of their career. Events range from 60 minute webinars to full-day seminars. 

Wellbeing tools 365 days a year

Wellbeing Portal & Mobile App

Our Financial Wellbeing Platform allows your employees to access a range of financial resources 24/7, including guides, videos, calculators and the option to ask a question to a qualified Financial Adviser.

How can Planned Future help?

Retirement planning

Ensure your employees are ready – financially and mentally – when they retire.

Wellbeing Portal

Our Financial Wellbeing portal/app gives 24/7 access to financial wellbeing advice and support.

CPD Accredited

Money Mindset

Change how your employees view money with this CPD accredited webinar.

Mental Health

Learn how to support employees experiencing mental health difficulties in the workplace.

2024 Employee Wellbeing Strategy Guide

A Wellbeing Strategy means all your employees have access to financial and mental wellbeing tools on-demand, as well as regular webinars from qualified presenters.

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