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Online Financial Wellbeing for Employees

With our Financial Wellbeing Platform, your employees can access financial wellbeing  support 24/7 365. Tools include guides, videos, calculators and most importantly, having the ability to ask a question to a qualified Financial Adviser.

Wellbeing platform

Financial Guides

A range of financial wellness guides with an additional guide added every month.


Financial videos to help employees understand specific financial topics.

Ask a Question

The ability to ask a financial question to a team of qualified financial planners.


The ability to access and register for a range of live financial webinars.


Allowing your employees to measure their own Financial Wellbeing over time.


A range of online financial calculators to help your employees plan for the future.

Use the Financial Wellbeing Portal as an app

Web, app or mobile

On-demand Webinars

Your portal will be loaded with a range of on-demand webinars from qualified and vastly experienced presenters. 

These webinars will help educate your employees on specific financial and lifestyle topics.

Personalised Platform

Every Financial Wellbeing Platform is created bespoke – featuring your company’s logo and colour scheme. 

You will receive regular reports that will allow you to measure and see the improvements being made to your workforce financial wellbeing.

Financial Guidance

The platform will allow staff within your organisation to ask a question to a qualified Financial Adviser employed by a firm of Chartered Financial Planner, so you can be  reassured that the guidance your staff receive is both accurate and up to date.

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