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Lifetime Allowance Courses

This  seminar will provide you with an introduction to the Lifetime and Annual Allowance rules and how they will affect your pension planning.

Event Topics​

Understand different types of pension ​

Calculating the value of pension benefits​

Learning about the current and historical limits​

Starting the process of planning​

Understanding the various planning options​

Identifying the tax consequences of exceeding the limits​

The Presenters

Every seminar or course is different, that why depending on which you attend or have arranged will decide on who presents. We have a range of different financial speakers specialising in different pension schemes as well as various facilitators each with their own expertise. When discussing Lifetime & Annual allowances you want to be sure that your speaker is as well qualified and experienced as possible. That’s why we use people like Martin to help support and guide you. 

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This event can be presented online using your preferred webinar platform or onsite at your business. ​​


This event lasts 1 hour and includes time for questions.

Learning outcomes

Recent reductions in both the Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance means that certain individuals will face very adverse taxation consequences unless they plan carefully taking into account the new rules. Our lifetime allowance course explains the rules and their consequences and outlines the main planning options which are available. This will typically affect higher paid members of staff although any member of staff whose pension benefits could approach or exceed the new Lifetime and Annual limits could attend. Adjusting to and planning for retirement​

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