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Financial Wellbeing Days

Employee Financial Wellbeing

Planned Futures  financial wellbeing days incorporate a range of workshops and clinics to support a mix of employees. These days can be made bespoke to fit around your organisation or provided as a ready made event. 

Included Within a Financial Wellbeing Day

Financial Wellbeing days are a great way to cover a range of employees offering workshop and one to one support. Within a day your employees will be invited to attend a range of workshops. Following each workshop employees will have the option to discuss any of the topics with the speaker on a personal basis. Every member of staff that attends will then recieve access 


A range of short, interactive financial wellbeing workshops will be prepared for employees.


Following each event, employees will have the opportunity to sit down and speak with the speak on a one to one basis.

Online Support

After the day, employees will be invited to sign up to our online portal providing a range of resources.
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Companies Who Have Benefited From Financial Wellbeing at Work

Financial Wellbeing Days

These events allow you to assign a single day to focus in on your employees financial wellbeing. Below are some of the key details. 

Event Time

The financial wellbeing days run for a whole day. Each workshop tends to be scheduled for an hour with an hour clinic to follow. 

Learning outcomes

Employees will cover a range of financial topics to help increase their understanding. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their own personal situation with the speaker r following the workshop.


Our financial wellbeing days are held at your place of work for your employees. 

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