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Pensions Explained

Pensions Explained Workshops

One topic that we regularly receive questions about is workplace pensions. Our pensions explained workshop help employees to understand their occupational pension. The workshops can be held as a individual event or as part of your financial wellbeing programme

Pension Schemes

Pensions schemes we can cover:

Occupational Pension Schemes

Local Government Pension Scheme

Teachers Pensions Scheme

University Superannuation Scheme

NHS Pension Scheme

The Presenters

We partner with specific speaker who are experts within your pension scheme to support your financial wellbeing programme. 

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This event can be presented online using your preferred webinar platform or onsite at your business. 

Event Time

The pensions explained workshop can range from 30 minutes to two hour events.

Learning outcomes

Employees will learn about the benefits of their occupational pension scheme.

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