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Financial Wellbeing

Explore Your Organisations Financial Wellbeing

We frequently hear from organisations who are seeking guidance and direction to implement a financial wellbeing programme for their employees. From this, Planned Future have developed our online financial wellbeing questionnaire to allow employers to survey and find out exactly how to support their employees. Every questionnaire we provide will follow our four point plan to financial wellbeing. Following the questionnaire, we will send  you your bespoke financial wellbeing programme completely free of charge. 

How Does It Work?

We will provide you an online questionnaire to be distributed to your employees. Included within the questionnaire will be potential topics to be included within an onsite workshop, questions designed to learn about your employees and also a over financial wellbeing score for your employees.

Potential Topics

Find out which financial topics are of most concern to your employees. The topics that receive the most votes will be included within the programme. 

Personal Budgeting