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Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness In the workplace

Most organisations whether Public or Private Sector, understand the importance of helping their staff to improve their overall financial wellness as they progress through their career. Equally important is helping employers to prepare for the changes which arise on retirement from the organisation or redundancy. This is why many employers across the UK look towards Planned Future for their workplace financial wellbeing and financial wellness support. 

The process

How to support employees with Financial Wellness

The Planned Future process allowing employers to support their employees and increase their overall financial wellness. 

1.) Learn

A member of our team will meet with you to learn more about your organisation.

3.) Design

Based on the survey results, our team will produce your program. You will receive a recommended agenda along with the survey results.

5.) Implement

The date has arrived for the first workshop. An independent financial adviser who is employed by firm of chartered financial planners will carry out your program whether by webinar or on site. Following the workshops, attendees will receive additional information on the topics by email along with a feedback survey.

2.) Survey

Our online financial wellness survey will be supplied to help understand your employees.

4.) Marketing

Our marketing team will provide literature to help get the word out. We can produce flyers, email templates, desk drops, microsites and more.

6.) Review

We will review the feedback from the workshop and provide a recommendation on how to support your employees going forward.

Ready made

Financial Wellness Workshops

Below are just some of the ready made financial wellness workshops we have to offer at Planned Future. 

General Financial Wellbeing

Courses designed to support an organisation with a wide spectrum in demographics. The seminars can be tailored and made bespoke going as far as allowing employees to choose what topics will benefit them most. 


We received a variety of feedback from our Pre-Retirement seminars and one point stood out. Many delegates wished they knew this information earlier, so we developed this mid-career seminar to help. 


Seminars & Courses to help support employees approaching retirement. Courses will cover both financial and emotional considerations to make your employees feel confident taking the next step of their life.

Early Career

When people start working and contributing to pensions this is when they can make the most dramatic changes. We want to help support people early in their careers to help with the future. 

Financial Wellbeing

Planned Future, specialist providers of workplace financial education, have designed a personalised process to allow employees to implement a successful and measurable workplace financial wellbeing plan.

Pension Courses

We run a variety of pension courses from helping people with annual and lifetime allowances to helping demonstrate to employees the benefits they receive from their pension scheme. 

Three gold coin stack with dollar behind

Tax Efficient Investments

Specialist seminars to provide employees with an introduction to the main types of tax efficient savings and investments.


Redundancy Courses

Unfortunately redundancies happen and when they do we are able to offer bespoke redundancy courses not only to cover financial aspects but the possible emotional implications. 

Bespoke Seminars

We offer a four stage approach to help organisations in times of change. If you are looking for something a bit tailored we can help. Examples of bespoke courses include general financial wellbeing.