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Open Seminars

Seminars & Courses for staff of smaller companies

We run a wide range of seminars & courses for the staff of smaller organisations to attend throughout the UK.  You can find out more below. 

UK Coverage

We deliver open seminars & courses throughout the UK to help support you at every stage in your career. Unfortunately, not every employer has the resources to help staff with workplace financial education, but we can help. Below are just a few of the courses we run for the staff of small organisations.


Seminars & Courses to help support people approaching retirement. Courses will cover both financial and emotional considerations


We received a variety of feedback from our Pre-Retirement seminars but one point stood out, that people wished they knew this information earlier, so we developed this mid-career seminar to help. 

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Pension Courses

We run a variety of pension courses from helping individuals with annual and lifetime allowances to helping demonstrate to employees the benefits they receive from their pension scheme. 

Early Career

When people start working and contributing to pensions  is when they can make the most dramatic changes. We  help support people early in their careers to help with their future. 

Redundancy Courses

Unfortunately redundancies happen and when they do we are able to offer bespoke redundancy courses not only to cover financial aspects but the possible emotional implications. 

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Bespoke Seminars

We offer a four stage approach to help organisations in times of change. If you are looking for something a bit tailored we can help.