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Open financial wellbeing webinars

Open Financial Wellbeing Events

Open Financial Wellbeing Webinars are perfect for small businesses. Planned Future has a range of open events scheduled throughout the year.

What is an Open Webinar?

An open webinar is an event that anyone can attend. Attendees come from a range of different businesses and are not limited to a single company.

The Presenters

All of our events are presented by qualified individuals with the experience to provide accurate guidance. Our financial wellbeing events are hosted by certified money coaches, supported by a team of qualified financial advisers. This allows us to provide both engaging and financially accurate events. 

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Some Planned Future clients


All our open events are provided online​


The time of our open events range from 1 hour to a full day depending on the course.​

Learning outcomes

Employees can consider a range of courses including the foundations of financial wellbeing and pre-retirement planning.

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