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Financial Education Webinar

Financial Wellbeing Webinars

Just a few of our financial education webinars

At Planned Future, we are able to offer courses for employees from hire to retire. Not only can these workshops be carried out at your place of work, we also offer to provide employees with financial education webinars. If you have a large amount of employees who are based off site, this could be for you. 

Financial Wellbeing Webinar

Courses designed to support an organisation with a wide spectrum in demographics. The seminars can be tailored and made bespoke going as far as allowing employees to choose what topics will benefit them most. 

Mid-Career Financial Webinar

We received a variety of feedback from our Pre-Retirement seminars and one point stood out. Many delegates wished they knew this information earlier, so we developed this mid-career seminar to help. 

Pre-Retirement Financial Webinar

Seminars & Courses to help support employees approaching retirement. Courses will cover both financial and emotional considerations to make your employees feel confident taking the next step of their life.

Coronavirus & Your Finances

Our coronavirus and your finances webinar is designed to keep your employees up to date with the on going situation. The webinar itself is updated regularly to be sure all information is accurate. 

Early Career Financial Planning Webinar

When people start working and contributing to pensions this is when they can make the most dramatic changes. We want to help support people early in their careers to help with the future. 

Pension Courses Webinar

We run a variety of pension courses from helping people with annual and lifetime allowances to helping demonstrate to employees the benefits they receive from their pension scheme. 

Bespoke Webinars

We offer a four stage approach to help organisations in times of change. If you are looking for something a bit tailored we can help. Examples of bespoke courses include general financial wellbeing. 

Redundancy Webinar

Unfortunately redundancies happen and when they do we are able to offer bespoke redundancy courses not only to cover financial aspects but the possible emotional implications. 

Investments Webinar

Specialist Webinars to provide employees with an introduction to the main types of tax efficient savings and investments.

Follow up service

With Planned Futures webinar follow up service your employees will be able to speak with a qualified financial planner. Following the event, employees will be re-directed to a booking page. This will allow then to book a time slot to ask any questions they may have. 

Questions can be about the webinar or any other financial question. 

Some recent questions answered

Questions about out webinars

Our ready made webinars last between 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the event. We can also tailor our webinar to fit around your schedule. 

We tend to use Webex or Zoom, although can accommodate requests to use different platforms. 

As with all our events, we will provide detailed feedback following each webinar. 

We make sure all out webinars are engaging by allowing attendees to ask questions live. Alternatively, if someone has a more complex question, we can provide out follow up service. This allows all attendees to speak with an advisers on a personal basis for a specific time slot. 

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Planned Future are able to hold a range of financial wellbeing webinars for organisations throughout the United Kingdom. To learn more and have a free agenda prepared, simply complete the form on the right.


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