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Financial Wellbeing at Work

Bespoke Financial Wellbeing at Work Programmes and Workshops

Because every organisation is different, it is always work exploring the option of a bespoke financial wellbeing at work programme or workshop. Whether a one of workshop or a full programme, the Planned Future team can help you understand and support your employees financial wellbeing. 

Helping you to understand your employees financial needs

Our team will work with you to produce an online survey to help understand your employees financial needs. Following the results, we will get to work by preparing your financial wellbeing at work proposal. 

Financial Wellbeing at Work

The Process

1. Learn

We will arrange a time to speak ether in person or by phone to learn about your organisation. 

2. Survey

Our team will produce a online survey to help understand the financial needs of your employees

3. Design

Our team will get to work preparing your financial wellbeing programme or workshop.

4. Market

You will receive a marketing package to help promote to events to your employees

5. Implement

Your first financial wellbeing workshop will be carried our by a member of our team.

6. Review

Feedback will be recieved and used to improve your ongoing finacial wellbeing at work programme.