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Foundation in Financial Wellbeing

This event focuses on your financial wellbeing and understanding financial security.  We will explore your money mindset and learn how to build good habits.  Understanding your relationship with money will help to improve your financial future.

Event Topics

Spend (more) time on your finances

Learn how to build good habits

Understand your spending

Debt explained

Conducting a Money MOT

Reduce spending, introduce friction and feedback

Setting savings goals

Make your money grow

The Presenters

All of our events are presented by qualified individuals with the experience to provide accurate guidance. Our financial wellbeing events are hosted by certified money coaches, supported by a team of qualified financial advisers. This allows us to provide both engaging and financially accurate events. 

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This event can be presented online using your preferred webinar platform or onsite at your business. 

Event Time

This event lasts 1 hour and includes time for questions. 

Learning outcomes

Employees will learn how to manage money effectively while understanding how to deal with financial pressures. They will learn about the importance of planning for a successful financial future and how they can take steps to improve their financial wellbeing. 

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