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Redundancy Planning

Redundancy Courses

As with retirement seminars, the redundancy seminars are usually one day events. When organising these events, we take full account of the circumstances of the delegates. This helps us to tailor-make the event to an organisation’s requirements.

Redundancy Planning Topics

The seminar will provide you with an introduction to the issues affecting you when approaching redundancy. It will help you plan financially, emotionally and practically for the next phase of your career. The emphasis of the presentation can be different for the staff members taking voluntary redundancy to those facing compulsory redundancy. If delegates are close to retirement, they may face different issues to those staff members in mid-career who may be leaving the organisation. We can tailor-make our presentations to ensure the relevant needs of the delegates are met.

A bit more about

The speakers at our Redundancy Planning seminars

When engaging in a redundancy seminar or course we dont just cover the financial aspect but also the psychological implications to help support staff in a possible difficult time.

The speaker on money matters is an Independent Financial Adviser who is experienced and clear and able to answer a wide range of your questions. In the afternoon we use an experienced facilitator to lead a discussion on planning the next steps in your career.

Below you can see just an example of who you might meet.


Occupational Psychologist

Kate Pierce, Charted financial adviser in circle portrait


Financial Adviser

Martin Smith, Charted financial adviser in circle portrait


Financial Adviser