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Pensions and Investing for Growth

This event focuses on helping you grow your savings and plan for the future.  We look at why you might decide to take the risk of investing, how to make the most of tax advantages, and cover the basics of investment and pensions. This event is typically for people aged 35 to 55 years old.

Event Topics


Why take some risk

Asset Types

Portfolio Building

Retirement Planning


Pension Consolidation

The Presenters

It is important to provide accurate and up to date information when discussing pensions and Investments. That is why we use speakers who are qualified Financial Planners. These presenters hold as a minimum a diploma in Financial Planning and also include a range of Chartered Financial Planners. This allows employees to engage, ask questions and find out accurate information. 

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This event can be presented online using your preferred webinar platform or onsite at your business. 

Event Time

This event lasts 1 hour and includes time for questions. 

Learning outcomes

Employees will gain an understanding of the importance of pensions and Investments when planning for the future. Attendees will learn about different types of Investments and how they can get started.

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