Planned Future

Proud to be B Corp

Proud to be B Corp

Planed Future is now a B Corp, joining a global movement of companies who are using business as a force for good.

Planned Future were officially certified B Corp in April 2024.

We join just 22 other businesses based in the Cheshire West & Chester area to have B Corp status – including Clicky, Sykes Cottages, MyPura and LoveRaw.

Based on our B impact assessment, we earned an overall score of 88.2. For comparison, the score for ordinary businesses that complete this assessment is currently 50.9.

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. B Corps are leaders in the movement for economic systems change and they build trust with consumers, communities and attract and retain employees.

How we’re using our business as a force for good

Planned Future is headquartered in a paperless office on the historic Watergate Row in Chester City Centre.

Our team works a 4.5day hybrid week and many of our education events are delivered online – greatly reducing our carbon emissions.

We’re proud to be B Corp

Planned Future’s Managing Director John Chadwick has over 30 years’ experience as a Financial Adviser having established and run a Chartered Firm of Independent Financial Advisers.

He believes financial literacy is important to all and not just the wealthy:

“Trustworthy and reliable training and education backed by decades of professional experience forms the backbone of our service delivery.

We are proud to have attained B-Corp Status in line with our social mission to improve wellbeing across all communities.”

What it means for us 

After receiving CPD Accreditation last year, we were pleased to begin Q1 of this year by hitting another important milestone.

We began the B Corp certification process over 12 months ago, and with new additions to our team it’s been a lengthy process to have our business procedures evaluated.

This is the beginning of a longer journey towards collective action and continuous improvement, and a crucial part of our ongoing commitment to minimise our impact on the planet. 

What it means for you

Our event delegates and clients are an integral part of our B Corp journey – and now they can be assured their training is not only delivered by highly skilled and qualified presenters, but the background of the business providing that platform is socially and environmentally responsible. 

How we became B Corp

Planned Future’s accreditation comes after imposing a specific remit to focus on achieving B Corp status and embedding a new sustainability strategy into the business.

We achieved an overall score of 88.2 points, well above the median business score of 50.9.

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