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Financial Wellbeing Online Portal

Here at Planned Future, we have been helping organisations to support their employees by improving their financial wellbeing for years. The feedback we receive has always been at the heart of what we do and we believe this has helped us to achieve some of the highest scored reviews in the industry.

Many organisations have contacted us asking for a way to continue to support their employees outside of our workshops. Working closely with our qualified and experienced Financial Planners, we have developed our financial wellbeing portal, offering financial wellbeing guidance on an ongoing basis.

Employees will have access to a secure, organisation tailored portal which provides clear guidance and literature to help your employees to better their financial wellbeing. Financial guides, calculators and helpful links, as well as direction and information on their company pension scheme, who to turn to for debt advice and how to trace a pension will be provided through easy to navigate panels. 

The portal will also give the employees the opportunity to ask a team of qualified financial advisers any financial related questions they may have all the way from debt to investments and everything in between. Notices to employees can also be posted on the portal to give information on the upcoming financial wellbeing workshops including introducing the speaker, downloading the agendas and even registering for the workshops all through logging into your organisation’s financial wellness portal.

Included with every financial wellbeing portal:

Financial Guidance

The ability for all of your employees to speak with a qualified financial adviser using our online chat feature.

Financial Guides

Starting with 9 with an additional guide being added every month. Every 2 months, our team will also add our bi-monthly magazine that covers a wide range of topics.

Financial Videos

A range of financial education videos to help explain certain financial topics to your employees

Workshop Registration

Your portal will be used for people to find out information and register for upcoming financial wellbeing events.

Financial Links

A go to place to find direction and information on your companies pension scheme, who to turn to for debt problems and more.

Financial Calculators

12 financial calculators covering a range of topics to help employees plan their finances for the future.

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