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Workplace Financial Education for Employees

Workplace Financial Education has grown over the years to be a key employee benefit. Studies have shown the benefit to your employees, from improving productivity, reducing absence and having a more engaged workforce. And the problems are not going away, with Step change (Debt Charity) reporting their busiest ever start to the year between January and June 2019. The good news, financial education can be a cost effective way to help your employees in both their work and personal life. 

Financial Education Support

At Planned Future, we pride our self on being specialist providers of workplace financial education & wellbeing courses, because of this, we are able to support employees all the way from hire to retire with tailored support at each stage of their career. Trusted by organisations throughout the UK from large privates to the NHS and Universities that we help to educate their employees. 

Financial Education Programmes

If you are looking to increase your workforce’s overall financial wellbeing, then a programme is for you. Our programmes combine a range of learning material from online and onsite to gradually educate and improve employees wellness. Our programmes are results driven and are tailored around your organisation.

Financial Education Events

All of our financial education events can be provided online as webinars or at your place of work. All events allowing employees to ask question and engage with the presenters.

Courses designed to support an organisation with a wide spectrum in demographics. The events can be tailored and made bespoke going as far as allowing employees to choose which topics they would like to be covered.

We received a variety of feedback from our Pre-Retirement seminars and one point stood out. Many delegates wished they knew this information earlier, so we developed this mid-career seminar to help. 

Seminars & Courses to help support employees approaching retirement. Courses will cover both financial and emotional considerations to make your employees feel confident taking the next step of their life.

Planned Futures financial wellbeing clinics allow your employees to speak with a qualified financial planner on a one to one personal basis with the options of a phone call, video call or in person meeting.

Our early career financial planning events help your younger employees plan for their financial future. At this stage they can make important decisions to help steer them in the right direction. 

We run a variety of pension courses from helping people with annual and lifetime allowances to helping demonstrate to the benefits of your occupational pension scheme. 

Specialist events to provide employees with an introduction to the main types of tax efficient savings and investments.


Unfortunately redundancies happen and when they do we are able to offer bespoke redundancy courses not only to cover financial aspects but the possible emotional implications. 

We offer a four stage approach to help organisations in times of change. If you are looking for something specific, then our team can help build your perfect event. 

Workplace Financial Education Speakers

We have a range of various different speakers to help match your organisation. Depending on the course of interest and location, we will pair you with speakers who are experts in their field. Each speaker is qualified in their specialist field so that you can feel confident and reassured in the guidance received.

Exceptional Feedback

Over the years our courses have been tailored and evaluated to make us one of the most trusted companies to provide financial education. We  gain feedback on every event we organise. We then take this and use the information to constantly improve our events allowing you to feel confident in the support provided. Our feedback has scored 99% for delegates who would recommend one of our courses to a friend or colleague.

Industry Experience

The Planned Future team have been providing workplace financial education events since 1997. We have worked with a huge range of organisations including NHS, Local Government and large Multi-National Corporations. Our team have spent years presenting and expanding their knowledge allowing us to be one of the leading suppliers of workplace financial education.  

Speak With a Financial Adviser

Our team of Independent Financial Advisers will engage with your employees welcoming all questions. Attendees will also be given the opportunity to ask a financial question following the event once they have had chance to take in all of the information. 

We understand the possible challenges when it comes to staff engagement. That’s why we have put together a package to help support you in getting the word out, allowing as many employees as possible to benefit from your workplace financial education, financial wellbeing & financial wellness programs.

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