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Author: Matthew Wood

Planned Future Are Accredited Living Wage Employers

Accredited Living Wage & Financial Wellbeing We are proud to announce that Planned Future are now an accredited Living Wage Employer! As a supplier of Workplace Financial Wellbeing, its important that we implement all the measures we can to make sure our own employees have a successful financial future. What is the real living wage?…
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New minimum wage & the effect on Financial Wellbeing

How will it effect your business and employees? What are the changes? At the recent Budget, the announcement of increases to minimum wage from April will be welcomed by workers across the country. For those aged over 23 the hourly rate will rise from £8.91 to £9.50. For those aged 21-22 it will rise from…
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Financial wellbeing for low paid employees

How to support low paid employees’ financial wellbeing Most organisations will have a broad range of demographics when it comes to their workforce, some approaching retirement, entry level jobs and everything in between. All of these employees will have different needs when it comes to improving their financial wellbeing. One group of employees that can…
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How to support employees financial wellness online

Online Financial Education The Financial Wellness Challenge Over the last few years financial wellbeing has became the ‘hot topic’ for HR managers around. Various studies have shown the benefit of offering this support, one of which being a recent study by LCP  (May 2020). They found that 3 in 5 employees had lost sleep last year due…
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New Financial Wellbeing Webinars

Supporting Employees’ Financial Wellbeing Online With the ongoing situation with Coronavirus dominating the news and our personal lives we are all coming to terms with a new way of life. Employees are now working differently, many away from the office and with less contact with others. While there are many benefits for this type of…
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Supporting Employees Financial Wellbeing during Coronavirus

Coronavirus & Your Finances Webinar With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, many of us are finding it even more difficult to manage our finances. Additionally, new goverment measures, although potentially beneficial, can come across as unclear and complicated. From this, the Planned Future team have worked hard in preparing our new Coronavirus & Your Finances Webinar. Each…
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The true impact of poor financial wellbeing within the workplace

How poor financial wellbeing impacts employees as well as employers We are becoming increasingly more aware of our mental health thanks to initiatives such as Mental Health Awareness week which is the UK’s national week dedicated to raising awareness to our mental health. This year Mental Health Awareness week is happening on 18th to 24th May…
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Top 5 retirement concerns of employers for their employees

Addressing retirement concerns of employers for their employees Pre-retirement seminars and courses are becoming a ‘must have’ employee benefit for HR managers. These workshops help to support employees for what can be the most significant life change they will face, moving from employment to retirement. It is important to make sure these events are covering…
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